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    So recently when we let our chicks out they started to venture near the chickens coop and one of the big chickens put her head through the fence and pecked the chicks foot! So we took them inside and washed of his foot. Then we ignored it because it didn't look bad, until today. When i picked him up it was bleading and looked a lot worse. I have never seen the other chick peck him but thats probably what happened. Does anyone know anything we could put on it to help it not get any worse and heal?

    thanks [​IMG]
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    You should separate the injured chick from the other chicks until the wound has time to heal, otherwise they'll just keep pecking at it. If they're still in a brooder you can separate them with a window screen type of set up so that they can still see and socialize with each other, but the injured chick will be safe from further insult.

    You could bathe the leg in some warm water. Then try applying some antibiotic ointment to it. Just keep the wound clean and it should heal fine.

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