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    Sorry this is going to be kinda long.

    My grandfather left me a piece of property in Mohave Co AZ. I finished paying it off, and have never even visited it in the 15 years I have owned it.

    Last August I decided to sell it to one of the many companies that were contacting me about it. They sent me a signed contract saying that we would close in Nov. I signed it and faxed it back to them. Then in late Sept they sent me a letter of mutual recension. I did not sign it. I wanted to sell my land for the contracted amount.

    I contacted an attorney in October. I hired him, he said that based on the fact that I had a signed contract, I shouldn't have a problem. However, every time I called him he would say he couldn't get ahold of them, or they haven't returned his calls, or I would get his answering machine.

    About 2 weeks ago I decided to call them. I missed their return call and today I finally made contact with the company. And they have told me that since I did not contact them in Nov, that the contract is now null and void.

    Help! Should I just forget it all and have done with it?

    Thanks for reading this far.
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    I'd forget it and find another buyer who might actually keep in touch with you. As for that lawyer, I'd request a refund of the fees you paid him.

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