legal chickens


9 Years
Oct 19, 2010
hello all my name is jason i am new to the forum and the idea of urban chickens, i live in windsor ont can some one tell me if it is legal for us ? thank you in advance
you should contact CLUCK in Windsor, better yet check out

contact the people on their page and they will get back to you, they are in windsor one of them I know very well. They are supposed be proposing the idea before city council today to be exact. check out the website and do contact them

I was born and raised in windsor :)

I don't think it's gone through yet. St.Catharines is close but we have a group of anti chicken people making it hard for us. They consistantly lie to people about what the real costs of chickens are and the smell. It would have went in fine if the few ladies didn't put up a fuss, we'll see how this goes after the election:)
If you haven't yet get involved,plan on attending meeting as the more people who voice their opinions the better.

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