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    Dec 27, 2012
    As I'm preparing for my first flock, I've noticed a PDF file Ordinance titled with my Township's name in the web search link, but no mention of my township within the ordinances. I even searched the entire document for any mention of my zip code, township name, or county. The township mentioned is approximately 30 miles away from mine. As I've done research, I've been absolutely sure about the legalization of keeping chickens in my area. I even called the head zoning officer, stated my neighborhood, the number of chickens I wanted to keep, and gave him the lot size of our yard when he questioned me. After all this, I was given an ok to raise 2-4 chickens in the backyard, as long as we didn't keep roosters and there was no running at large. Unfortunately, I'm having doubts now, seeing the PDF file with my township's name on the link title. The ordinance states that residents must have a lot size of at least half an acre, which we are under. I'm beginning to wonder if the Zoning officer was confused about my location or the description of my area. Has anyone had any similar experiences?

    I'll post the link here:

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