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    Mar 9, 2012
    Hi! My name is Alesha Turner and I love chickens! In two Tuesdays from now there will be a City Council meeting discussing legalizing chickens in El Cajon. To convince the Major and the rest of the City Council members, many letters will need to be sent before then. We are hopeing to get 20 letters. If you love chickens and would like to see them legalized in El Cajon write a letter and tell as many people about it as you can! Letters coming from residents of El Cajon will have most recognition.

    Adress letters to:
    City Council Member Gary Kendrick
    200 PAcific Center Dr.
    El Cajon, CA 92020

    or email the office:
    City Council Member Gary Kendrick
    [email protected]

    Letters can talk about the benefits of raising your own flock at home:
    -Soil Aeration + Fertilization
    -Sustainability and health, low-cholesterol eggs
    -Healthy, free-ranging flock not penned up and over-crowded
    -Less noise than a dog
    -Easy to maintain and clean

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