Legalizing hens in West Chester, Ohio

That's a worthwhile venture for sure...hope you get the regulations changed! Have you thought of running an ad of some sort in your local paper? Might bring more people in your area..just thinkin' ...
I am interested in finding out about what we can do to change the zoning for having chickens in West Chester.


I am so glad to hear from you. We are close to getting this zoning code changed and right now is a really vital time for support and action. There are several events happening in the next couple of weeks that will determine whether or not we are successful. If you are interested in helping, please call me at 513.490.3085. Thanks, Danielle

I was wondering how your progress is on this? I am moving to Green Township, OH and would like to look into changing the ordinance there. A win in West Chester might help me.
We are moving along nicely. I have an appeal on August 16th in which I plan to argue that the "farm animal" ban does not apply to pet chickens. I am also working with a couple of Township Trustees to have the zoning code clarified to exclude chickens from the restrictions. This will probably take about six months. We don't have an ordinance problem here, just a zoning one. You can follow the progress by searching Facebook for Backyard Chickens of West Chester. I will help any way I can!

How has your rulings gone and I just noticed I missed the Trustee meeting. Let me know what I can do to help with this

It looks like I'm about to begin the fight in Hamilton, Ohio. Any advice? How did yours go in west Chester, since it isn't far from me. We are homeschoolers, hoping to work in our favor there.

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