Legend Of The Chick Napper

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    A couple years ago, 2 chickens, 1 was a Rhode island red, and the other was a Buff Orpington. The RIR name was Brownie Jr and the Buff name was Chewy. They were best friend from chicken kindergarten to Red High Of Chickens! Brownie Jr said "I heard that their is a legend of this chick napper animal that is really deadly. They both search and search but no Chick Napper. However, A cockatrice came and want to bite them. Brownie Jr dodge them and kick it. The cockatrice runs away. But... The Chick Napper! The body was big, The eye was deep red, The wings was huge as the cockatrice, The feathers were straight, and the face was like he doesn't want anyone to mess with him and steal his stuff. They 2 chickens stay back. To Be Continued...

    I was bored so I found this sub forum and make up a story. I am working on the second part! And yes I have 1 Rhode island red name Brownie Jr and 1 Buff Orpington name Chewy. They are females and 1 week old now.
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