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    In my own reality
    Almost everyone knows about ancient mythology, but few believe it's real. Even fewer know that the supposed "gods and goddesses" weren't immortal deities, but real people, with an incredible- and sometimes supernatural skill. Once the old "gods" died, their skill was passed down to the next person, and so on, until the modern world came in. Now the current "gods" have to go to school, and manage to hide their powers too. However, the modern world has a force behind it, a force that might eliminate the gods forever and in doing so, drain all order from the world. The force is called Melania, and it manifests as shadowy forms of the gods and tries to either fight them or persuade them to join their side. The current "gods" have to try to hide their powers from the normal world, and fight Melania simultaneously because the longer they wait- the less of a chance they have at stopping the end of the world.


    What they look like/Picture:
    Animal form/picture (optional):
    God(dess) of:
    Pet (optional):

    No god modding
    It's me and Mipuppy1's rp what we say goes
    You can only dodge 1 out of every 4 hits each injury must be as bad as a papercut keep the fights realistic or me and Mipuppy1 will have to supervise them.
    No fighting in real life on the rp thread keep it in PMs

    No crippling or injuring someone else's carrie without their permission

    Character page:
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  2. (I guess I'll try it)

    Name: Sammy /Eleos
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    History: Was an orphan until she was 8, then she was adopted.
    What they look like/Picture: She is fair-skinned and has brown hair and eyes. Se is quite pretty, but doesn't think she is.
    Animal form/picture (optional):[​IMG]
    Culture: Southern. She is from down south, in TN. Her goddess culture is Greek.
    God(dess) of: Mercy,compassion, and Pity.
    Personality: She is very nice, sometimes to the point of being overly nice. She thinks that everyone is her friend, which results in quite a few heartbreaks. But if you dare threaten her friends, well, lets just say this: don't get on her bad side. Her compassion is often shown in her extreme love of animals. She sometimes feels like the fifth wheel, or the one man out. She is sometimes afraid of being alone.

    Pet (optional): just about any stray animal she comes across

    Crush (optional): none
    Boy/Girlfriend (optional): none
    Spouse (optional): none

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    (Other for those small things this is great :D)
  4. (Oh, ok, I'll change it)

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    (What goddess, you can go to the character page to get the idea)
  6. (Well, you said the god/goddess name there, and I couldn't find the goddess of those things. There isn't a goddess, I don't think, that is the same goddess over those 3 things [​IMG]. Guess I'll have to change them)
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    Name: Anthony (Ares)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    History: he was bullied and abused by his parents
    What they look like/Picture: [​IMG]
    Animal form/picture (optional): Vulture
    Culture: Greek
    God(dess) of: War
    Personality: he is the bully of the playground
    Pet (optional):
    Crush: N/A
    Boy/Girlfriend: N/A
    Spouse: N/A
    Username: Mipuppy

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    (Yeah... You need a certain goddess or god)
  9. (Ok, I changed it)

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    (Ok! Good :D)

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