Leghorn and Barred Rock chicks (pullets or cockerels?)

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    Here are our most recent photos of our chick from the science project of hatching eggs from the grocery store. Joey appears to be a leghorn or a Hy-Line W 36. The chick was hatched on Feb. 3 if I remember correctly, so that makes her/him 5 weeks and 2 days in these pictures.




    I am going to be giving some chicks away to new homes on Saturday. There are four from the hatchery reshipment that couldn't fit in after many attempts with the rest of the flock of chicks. The pecking was almost continuous by the others and they were constantly crouched in the corners not getting access to the food or water. I gave up and now have been keeping them in a separate brooder just the 4 of them. 2 BA did manage fine with the older chicks, so they get to stay. They looked just like the BA I already had so maybe they didn't appear as different. Unfortunately, I won't be able to keep the Red Star, 2 BO, and a Speckled Sussex. I am bummed; I really wanted those. A neighbor is taking them so we can still visit as long as they are pullets like they are supposed to be. I am also going to try to find homes for two more Trader Joes chicks hatched this morning, as well as my larger BR which I really love. I currently have 9 of my own which include 3 BAs, 2 BRs, 2 EE, 1 BO, and 1 Leghorn? Then there are those 4 for the neighbor, and 2 new leghorns? I can only keep 6 and I am having a hard time deciding who to keep and who to rehome out of my 9.

    I have a Barred Rock, that was supposed to be a pullet from the hatchery, but I am not 100% sure. I know they say 90% accurate, did I end up with the 10%? I need to know for pretty sure before advertizing the chicks for sale as pullets. The BR I am unsure on gender is on the right in the pic with two BRs. It is friendly, assertive, and a little aggressive toward the others, but so are 3 others I am not having doubts on. It hatched on Feb. 11th. so it is 4 weeks and a day. The comb is only slightly pinkish yellow, but I wouldn't call it red at all.

    Any help with ideas on the gender of Joey, the Leghorn/ HyLine chick or my Barred Rock?

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    I would guess girls for both. If the leghorn were a cockeral, I'm betting it would have a much more noticable and pink comb by now. The BR looks to have hen coloring.
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    The coloring of the feathers looks like all the pics I see of pullet chicks, but what about the comb starting to color at 4 weeks? Is that normal in Barred Rock pullets? None of my other chicks tiny combs have started changing color.

    Here is a video I took this morning if you need a better look of Joey.

    Sorry, I didn't get any good shots of the questionable BR, only the little one, Cruella. I think to document Joey better due to the science project.

    Here is the thread I had going about it with all the other pics from the experiment.
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    I had 3 of the TJ chicks that stayed for 2 weeks and the male for sure had a very large red comb compared to the two girls who had hardley any combs that were staying light pink. I kept one female and she still looks about the same.... Yours looks like very hen like.
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    Thank you, cutiepieacres. That is very encouraging. My kids like her so very much. I briefly mentioned keeping the gentle group of RS, 2 BO, and SS along with 2 little BAs instead of Joey and the others; the kids freaked out. "Nooooooo! we like Joey!" Basically, she gets to stay till she crows. However, I am not so sure about the others. I only get to keep 6 of the 9. Some will have to go, just not Joey yet.
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    I spoke with my neighbor again. She will take my two new baby chicks as well as the other 4 she planned on taking. She also has a friend who has been wantng to get chickens who she spoke with yesterday and may take 3. I'm having a tough time deciding who to keep by Sunday.
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    All look like females to me.

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