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    I have a leghorn hen and 3 BO roosters. And WHY you may ask THREE roosters to 1 hen? Well, I hatched 11 roosters and 1 hen 6-7 monhts ago. I relocated 8 roosters due to the crowing (I live in the city). I made a promise to the roosters that "no crow, no go", lol. And guess what, my remaining 3 six-month old roosters have yet crowing. Is that possible? My other BO roosters crow about 3 mth old. You see I have to keep my promise to the roosters and let them be free loaders. My leghorn has been laying for a month now, and she is a great layer, usually 6 eggs in 7 days. We have fertile eggs, which tells me that one of those three boys is doing his job. My question is: is it a good thing to cross BO and leghorn. Just common sense it should be, b/c they both are good layer breeds. Are they too young for me to start incubating their eggs? I read that you want the rooster atleast 6 mth old, and he is right there. What the egg color going to be for the BO x leghorn mutts. I am getting excited since this is the first time and could be the last time I can incubate my own eggs. I know that the roosters not going to keep quiet forever. Thankyou for your inputs.

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    My 4 month old BO roosters aren't crowing either. My EE's do, the cochins do, the assorted bantams do, even the silkie crows! However, my BO do not! Perhaps they are just a more passive bird?

    ETA- The second generation chicks may lay anywhere from white, cream, or brown eggs. Good luck and have fun!
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