Leghorn chickens and the egg song

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    Mar 17, 2017
    Hi everyone! Important new to backyard chickens and have 3 gorgeous leghorn chickens which my partner and I have raised since hatch day. They will be 21 weeks on Monday and the last few days particularly (although it's been random here and there prior to that) they have been doing their egg song but alas, no eggs to be found yet :( Are their any reasons they do the egg song (hungry etc) or are they just getting excited in preparation for laying? We are super excited for our first egg and the anticipation is getting unbearable hahaha! Thanks :p
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    Mar 17, 2017
    *I'm (stupid autocorrect!)
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    Completely normal. They will spend a lot of time inspecting the nest boxes, "playing house" in the boxes and practicing their vocals for that first egg. New layers are exuberant in their singing: they sing before they lay an egg, if someone looks at them when they are on the nest, after they have laid their egg. Often, her sisters will join the song. If one even thinks about an egg, the singing commences, and they all join in. Who ever said that roosters were noisier than hens/pullets never experienced a bunch of hormonal pullets.
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    Boy, that's for sure!!

    It's the Cacophonous Pullet Pandemonium!!

    Lots of yelling, tearing up the nests, pacing and fussing.
    Eggs soon!

    Welcome to BYC @floppypoppy !!
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