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At what age do leghorns start showing differences in sex?
I have five 4 wk old "pullets" (Ideal 236). They all look the same, which is a good sign, but I'm wondering when I can be pretty sure that I have all pullets.
Do they usually feather in differently? Mine started getting tail feathers by day 3!

We got red and black sex-links and leghorns this time and the leghorns are some of the sweetest. They love to sit on us.
I just took a look at my 7 day pictures and the leghorns had decent tails on them compared to the others. You can look on my page but I got 4 white leghorns and 3 each red and black stars among others ... so I have pictures if you need at each week.

It's funny I thought the chipmunk chicks were so cute but the only ones that wanted to be held were the yellow chicks (white leghorns). I had two of them that I dubbed "leghorns of love" because every time I'd go into the basement they'd jump to the top of the box and want to be held.

I got them to get lots of white eggs but I really do love them.
I can start finding our white leghorn roos at a week old by 4 weeks they are fully sexed with no mistakes..those roos don't hide very long!
I assume you can spot them by the red comb? Or is it the feathering?
Anyway, that's good news.

All mine have combs that are small and light orange.
Here's a pic from a few days ago...


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