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    Last night I had to pick up my husband in Kallispell (long story there) -- overall a 6 hour drive. I had left my barn doors open (still fenced in) because it was hot and got back late. Both of us were concerned for the chickens, geese and turkeys. I keep the geese and turkeys in an outside run (with shelter) during the day and move half the chickens over to the geese and turkey pen for extra room. Unfortunately, I don't have a top on the 6 foot pen, but I do clip one side of everyone's wings to keep them in.

    When I got home at 1 am, I turned on the lights and found that one of my brown leghorns was lying on top of the chicken pen (which has a top). She didn't move at all, which scared me, thinking she had been plucked out of the pen by a predator. No, she had fallen asleep and went into that stupor that chickens fall into when it's dark out. I picked her up and put her back in the pen. [​IMG]

    We're going to be putting up the fencing around the barn's openings so we can leave it open at night.

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