Leghorn Pecked - missing feathers and bloody

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    Apr 23, 2010
    We brought home a leghorn recently (only one to survive a young brood getting attacked by a weiner dog). Our others girls are a little older, and at first they chased her a good bit and wouldn't let her eat. I seperated her from the others for about a week and then they were fine. They would cuddle with her at night and everything. No problems sharing food. She's bigger now - the same size as my other girls.

    My two EEs just started laying in random places around the coop and run. The leghorn always lays around during the day. I went out to check on them and 2 girls had her cornered and were seriously attacking her! She has a couple spots where her feathers are missing and she's bloody!

    I don't know what caused the sudden attack: she was right by the EE's nest of 3 eggs. So maybe that brought it on???

    Anyway, can someone give me a quick run down on what to do with her?

    I shut her up in the coop - the others are outside in the run.

    How do I clean her? What do I use? The spots are just above the wing, on her body, below her neck.

    How do I stop this from happening again?

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