Leghorn Rooster Temperament (possible For sale - hens too) in Kentucky

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    Can anyone tell me overall temperament of a Leghorn Rooster

    I have an approx 20+ week old Roo Light Brown Leghorn Rooster that I'd like to keep....IF they are not known to have nasty temperaments. I KNOW NOTHING about them except that they are excellent egg layers...my roo has been respectful of me so far....I've done what I've read on threads here, not letting him mount the hens or "how himself" to my other little Mille De Flure D'ucle roo, eat first etc in my presence thus far...the past 3 days or so, he has been trying me just a little....BUT in his defense I've not been able to visit my birds much because of the heat...I take meds that limit my exposure to heat...I just CANT be out in it but for VERY short periods, I go water and feed...water...lock up...and its been hot for quite a bit now as you know! His behavior has only been diff for a few days.....he has been pushing the ladies out of their food, flapping his wings a little when he sees me (I'm guessing this is a bad sign but he runs when I look or talk to him and get close even tho he does this), and when I'm not looking he tries to mount the hens. He is just now "coming into his own" so to speak really. My little roo used to be "the boss" but I've noticed he no longer is....he is my good roo who used to call the girls into the coop, he ALWAYS eats last etc....
    I dont want to keep a bad rooster, no matter how handsome he may be!!! I dont believe my Leghorn is a bad roo....dont get me wrong....I'm just sayin'. I didnt even know he was a Leghorn until today...LOL I was told he was an AMERICAUNA when I bought my chicks...and I KNEW that wasnt true shortly after they feathered...THEN I had to guess at his breed and did research and thought Jungle Fowl and today with help from BYCeners..I learned he was a Leghorn...You guys are awesome by the way! [​IMG]

    I MAY not keep him and sell him, I've been on the fence for weeks now because I dont need 2 roosters, but he is so handsome and so far been so good. It all depends on what I find out about them...I've got some Light Brown leghorn hens I AM selling THO because I have too many and they arent what I thought they were when I bought them...I thought I bought colored egg layers...or I'll do a trade!!!!! I want those colored eggs!!!!!...3 or 4..so if anyone is in the Elizabethtown/Louisville Kentucky Area and would be interesting in him, or the hens, or all let me know! I'm asking $15.00 each, or if you take them all I'll sell them for $10 a bird! They are just about to lay...began to prepare nests and expect eggs any time now. I've got pictures if you would like to see....I think my rooster would be better if my other roo wasnt around maybe???? I just dont know I am new to a larger flock..I had just one chicken for 2 years....raising just one bird is waaaay different than 30! LOL And I've NEVER had roosters either. SO Im flying blind here. Here is a picture of my rooster and one of the hens...

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