Leghorn sex please

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  1. Can anyone tell me what sex this Leghorn is?
    Also if anyone may know why it has swollen legs. I posted it in the disease section but didnt get any answers except maybe kidney failure or Lukemia. The chicken is about 4 or 5 months old. Very healthy but it lays down a lot compared to my other chickens. Everything else looks fine. [​IMG]
  2. A close up of his legs might help us.
  3. donrae

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    And we'll need a profile body shot for sexing.
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    Looks like a rooster, also leg swelling can be a number of things.
    If your feeding a Layer type feed you might try feeding him a grower type feed.
    Laying type feed is meant for laying hen (hens that are currently laying eggs), The high amount of calcium in layer feed can cause a number of problems in non-laying fowl including gout.
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    Looks like a rooster in this photo, but a side-profile photo would help.
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    That looks like a cockerel to me, too.
  7. Ok, here is a pix of the legs. I shot a profile picture but it wont let me load it. I will try again today. Thanks
  8. Ok, here are some other shots and thanks for all the replies.[​IMG]
    Ok, I took some shots and I cant get them to upload. Here is the message I keep getting:
    Some images failed to upload:
    • sophia 002.jpg - Error, param staticContentPath is not a directory! [/var/www/html/static.backyardchickens.com/pub//imgrepo]

    You can try re-selecting them and uploading again.
    I have been uploading pictures since I have been on this site and never had a problem. Havent changed cameras or settings, now can anyone tell me what is wrong?
  9. Thanks,
    He has been on chick start and grow since I have had him, I keep chicks and their mamas in the main flock so that is what I use for everyone and then I provide oyster shell for the hens. I thought he looks like a cockerel but he doesnt act at all like one. I have 2 other cockerels in the flock and they dont bother him. He has never tried to crow and I have a silkie older than him that has already started to crow.
    I did notice fine red lines going down the legs, almost look like fine scratches but they are not scratches.
    Thanks for any further help.

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