Leghorn swollen legs?

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  1. Hello,
    I have a leghorn that I have noticed lays around a LOT. I dont know for sure if it a pullet or a cockerel yet so I will say he for now.
    He eats and drinks just fine acts normal but very shy and he lays around a lot. I took pictures of him and noticed his legs look a little swollen. I dont see any signs of scaly leg mites. Can anyone help me? He looks very healthy and always gets up when I come near to see if I have treats.
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    The actual scales on the legs look nice and smooth, but you're right, his legs are swollen. Let's start with nutrition. What are you feeding your flock?
  3. Since I have a mixed age flock I have been giving them all Purina start and grow.I have had a lot of broodys bringing their babies up with the rest of the flock so I put them all on that. Just recently I started giving them a little boss and layer feed but this was way after I noticed him laying around a lot. I would say he has been doing that for a couple months now. I should add that I ferment their chick start and grow and offer dried as well.
    thanks for responding
  4. Edited to add the chicken is not limping at all. Just seems swollen.
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    It could be osteopetrosis, a viral bone disease that may be related to avian leucosis, and sometimes called "marble bone disease." The long bones are enlarged, and the swelling is hard, not spongy like normal swelling. The feet are not swollen in this disease. Here are a few links to read:
    http://books.google.com/books?id=IL...v=onepage&q=osteopetrosis in chickens&f=false

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