Leghorn, white Plymouth or other?


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Jun 9, 2017
Hey guys, I got these chickens through a hatching program at school. Unfortunately I was told they are "genetically engineered to get so large their hearts give out" so it skewed my opinion of what they might be. I was originally told they might be leghorns, but they're looking more like white Plymouth rocks to me lately. Any help? (Also genders if possible). They're young but I did receive 4 eggs today already


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They all look like roos to me except for the one in the first pic, And yes i agree with @RoostersAreAwesome. They should be butchered at the age of 6 months. I personality hate cornish crosses and think its very cruel to raise these creatures, I have raised them once in my childhood and hated it, The poor things never moved much, They never roosted, And the grew so big they wouldn't be avle to get up on their own, all their toes would be broken and some of them even broke their legs. So thats why you really shouldn't keep them IF your planning on it.
Theyre pretty active right now. They free range in the yard and run around quite a good bit. They come when called and act more like small dogs. I think the one is a roo but I definitely had eggs, so I'm going to say that the other is female.

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