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    Wish we would've known about things to look for when selecting chicks. We let our 13 year old pick out 6 chicks at Calahan's. Ended up with one of them having a weird leg once we got home & put them in brooder. Did our internet search and figured it was a spraddle leg and followed directions how to fix although there is not suggestion for how long to leave the bandaid on. After 2 weeks like this, we removed the 'splint' and thought it seemed a bit better. Resplinted and removed again because it wasn't fixing it all the way. She now has a foot that is completely turned upside down and she hops on one foot. It pains us to watch her. Wished husband and I would have checked chicks over before purchasing. Next time we will though. Also-there is nothing that we can find online with this leg issue. It looks like a deformity.
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    I know you probably won't want to hear this, but [​IMG] it might be best to cull the poor thing now, rather than letting her suffer. [​IMG] Things like that rarely resolve well, even with the splint method, and now that you've tried it and it failed, she will not have a good life. I'm sorry. [​IMG]
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    I tend to agree with nightowl

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