Lemon Balm & Rose Hip tea


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11 Years
Jul 18, 2008
Indiana, Pennsylvania
Will be collecting rose hips soon to dry for rose hip tea uses--tastes good reminds me of pomegranate in flavor HIGH in vit C. The rose hips are from wild growing rose bushes on our property.

Will also be drying lemon balm leaves soon to bag up for tea- has a very light lemony hint, the armoma is the best though.

Dried prepaired (deseeded and dried) rose hips are $1.50 for a good bit of them, if you send along two stamps as well no need for shipping fee as I'll just send them in a normal envelope as them getting crushed in the mail wont hurt them any (as they'll already be dried). They'll be in a plastic baggie inside the envelope.

Lemon balm tea leaves (dried) are $1.00 for about 5 tea bags worth. Include 2 stamps in your money order and no shipping fee. Will also be mailed sealed in a plastic bag in the envelope. Cheapest way I can think to send them if you have a better idea just let me know.

Money order only- perfer you go through walmart as I trust their money orders

"supplies" are limited, but theres a good bit here of both!

dried rosehips can also be fed to your critters, my rabbits loved them, as well as my rats and chinchillas. I haven't offered them to my quail yet but im sure they'll love them too!
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