Lemon Blue Orpingtons?

If they claim they have Lemon Blue Orps then they probably just crossed a Blue and Buff together to say that they have Lemon Blue Orps.

I wouldnt waste my time on finding actual Lemon Blue Orps since the Lemon blue color is still rare and is still a project.
Thanks for educating me on that. I suppose I should just get some buff and blue orpingtons?
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Yes, but if you are aiming at makeing the actual Lemon Blue color it will take a bunch of generations. I would go and post a thread on the "Breeds, Genetics, & Showing" topic and ask about the Lemon Blue color. Experienced breeders will tell you more!
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I have been working on Lemon Blue Orpingtons for a few years. They do not breed true at this time. I have hatched dozens of eggs and not many Lemon Blue chicks. I have gotten some other very interesting colors that I didn't expect.

Here's one of the roosters


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