Lemon Pencilled (Chamois) Friesian Hatching Eggs


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The pictures are of my actual birds...not internet pictures.
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You are purchasing/bidding on 6+ eggs. I do always send extras. Buyer pays shipping of $20
These birds are hardy little things, and egg machines! They are a smaller bird, in between a US standard size and US bantam size. If you are unfamiliar with the breed, here is a little bit about them:

The Friesian is a Dutch breed and it is said that, like the cows, it comes from the Friesian Islands. It is a very old breed of bird and excavation that has taken place on the Island has shown that the Friesian chicken was around some 1000 years ago though its arrival in Great Britain is quite recent. We did not see it till the 1980s.
The Friesian is a small breed but at the same time a very good layer. It can produce around 230 eggs per year. Being small they do not require so much feed to be given to them. This breed is not a broody one.
The standard colours of the Friesian are gold pencilled, silver pencilled and chamois pencilled. The chamois is the most unusual coloured of them all and the most attractive. It is different shades of yellow and buff and has a pattern that runs through each of its body feathers. This is not found in any other breed of chicken. All of the colour varieties have eyes that are orange in colour, earlobes that are white and legs that are slate blue.

These birds are extremely rare in the US. You will get both Lemon Penicilled (or Chamois) and Gold Pencilled from these eggs.

I have had excellent feedback with my shipped eggs. Recenlty I was told that 11 out of 12 eggs was develping.
Of course, due to circumstances out of my control once they leave my hands, I can not guarantee your hatch rate. I can only ensure that you will recieve fresh, fertile unwashed hatching eggs.
If you have any questions, please send me a message. Thank you!

Thanks for looking!

I wrap each egg in newspaper, put them in an egg crate, put the egg crates in a priority box and stuff it on all sides with paper and/or bubble wrap for extra padding so your eggs will make it to you safely. I can guarantee the eggs will leave my hands in perfect condition. I am unable to replace eggs that have been damaged in transit. Damages are beyond my control once your package leaves my hands. I have included the shipping calculator for your convenience.

Due to the risk involved with shipping eggs I am unable to guarantee your hatch rate. However, I can guarantee fresh, well packed eggs will be placed in the mail with care. Your eggs will be shipped USPS Priority mail and should arrive within 2-3 business days. Buyer always pays for shipping. I have had 100% hatch rates from shipped eggs, and I have had 0% hatch rates from shipped eggs. I have also gotten damaged eggs upon arrival. Priority mail now offers $50-$100 in FREE insurance. IF your eggs arrive damaged, you will need to contact the post office and file a claim with them

I do not mark the box with "fragile" or Hatching eggs" any longer as it seemed like the packages were being handled rougher than normal. If you prefer your box be labeled with “hatching eggs” or “live embryos” please let me know right after the end of the auction or send a note with the payment. I only ship Mon-Wed to hopefully ensure you get your eggs before the weekend. I send out fresh, unwashed eggs. Depending on when the auction ends, and how the girls lay, will depend on when your eggs are shipped. If there is a substantial delay due to the hens not laying, you will be notified. If they stop laying, you may request a refund of however many eggs the order is short, or you can wait until there are enough eggs to fill the order.
I have no control over the package once it leaves my hands. I can only ensure that they are packed as well as can be to ensure they make a safe trip.
I have purchased shipped eggs as well- so I do know the risks associated with purchasing/hatching shipped eggs....and expect the buyer to know the risks as well.
I do NOT ship internationally!

Payment is via PayPal. Email address i [email protected]. Please ask any questions prior to bidding/purchasing.

I only leave feedback once feedback is left for me.
I have noticed many egg sellers getting negative or neutral feedback due to things that are beyond their control.
Feedback should only cover things such as the quality of the product you received and the time of receipt the price you paid for the item or for shipping, the overall buying experience with the seller you are rating, the seller's communication with you, ease of the transaction, etc. It should NOT at any time hinge upon the hatch you get from the shipped eggs. Although that is a part of the whole game, buyers should not wait until the eggs hatch to leave feedback, or leave negative feedback because of a poor hatch. After the package leaves the sellers’ hands, they have no control over things such as rough handling, x ray machines, too cold or too hot temperature fluctuations, incubation practices, etc. The majority of shipments usually arrive without any complications, however, buyers do sometimes get upset when they receive a package that has been damaged during transit. This is in no way the seller’s fault, and should not be taken out on the seller via feedback ratings.

Some terms you should know:
FERTILE - An egg that could develop an embryo is fertile. This does NOT mean it is necessarily an egg that will hatch. Also, it is NOT a safe assumption that because it did not hatch, that it was not fertile.
VIABLE - An egg that is capable of surviving (hatching). Not all fertile eggs are necessarily viable. Some eggs may develop, but the chick may not pip, or the chick may pip but die before hatching. This is an incubation problem, typical of incorrect humidity.
CLEAR EGG - A clear egg is NOT necessarily an infertile egg. A clear egg is one in which no embryonic development is seen. This could be due to improper egg storage, rough handling in shipping, or incubator problems as far as regulation of heat, opening incubator too frequently or for too long a period of time, chilling an egg.
I personally check my eggs periodically to ensure they are in fact, fertile. Just because an egg doesn't develop, does not mean that it was not fertile. Any number of things can kill the embryo in transit.

What you should do when you get your eggs:
Let them “rest” for at least 12 hours before setting them.
Candle the eggs upon receipt to check for cracks and damaged air cells.
If any of the eggs have hairline cracks, you can try melting candle wax and dripping it on to the crack to seal it. This doesn't always work, but is worth a try. Damaged air cells does not necessarily mean the egg will not hatch. It only means that those eggs will need a little more care. If the air cell is damaged, you need to let them “rest” in an egg carton, pointy end down. Sometimes the air cell will reattach itself. Sometimes it won’t. Either way, you want to leave that egg alone as much as possible. I usually will not turn these eggs for the first 8 days, then will resume turning for the remainder of incubation.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask. I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Thank you and happy bidding!!
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