Length of time between treating mites and egg production recovery


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Mar 13, 2010
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So I have diagnosed and am beginning treatment for a moderate mite infestation. After giving everyone a pillowcase bath of DE, stripping and disenfecting the hen house, its my intention tommorrow to lightly spray each eith diluted feline tick and flea spray. Its my hope that after that AND with a stronger presence of DE from henceforth on, problem will go away.
My question is then: In what matter of days do yall think I will see egg production climb back up. I understand that the hen is suffering blood loss from the parasite so less energy is being given in the egg laying dept. But I am wondering how quick after tommorrows treatment will the girls increase production? Any one want to take a guess?


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Mar 3, 2009
Not sur how long til they start to lay.. But i wouldnt eat the eggs for about a month.. i would just scramble and feed them back to them .. Also please be very careful using flea and tick spray .. It can very easily kill your chickens I wont even use the stuff on my cats ...

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