Lesions in hen’s mouth - canker, pox?


Dec 13, 2020
Hi -
I noticed two lesions in the mouth of my one year old buff Orpington hen 12 days ago. I took her to the vet as soon as I could, two days after noticing the lesions. The vet is not a chicken specialist but he does see chicken patients fairly often. I told him my concerns of canker and pox. The two lesions inside her mouth are exactly symmetrical, which made him think they were the result of an injury and not disease. They took a sample from the lesions and didn’t detect yeast or Protozoa either. I put her back with the flock after the vet visit and she seems fine. Today I noticed that she has some irritation forming on the outer edge of her mouth, and I can’t help but worry this is related to the lesions. I think I will contact the vet again and perhaps provide the pictures as he said he would prescribe medications if she didn’t improve. Does anyone have any thoughts as to whether these lesions look like disease or injury? The original two lesions do not appear to have grown since I first noticed them but they also don’t appear smaller. Thank you!


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