lesions/swelling on the face


10 Years
Feb 27, 2009
Spartanburg, sc
7wk old Maran roo. he has 3 of these bumps, two that you can see and one on top of his head.

Acts normal
no mucus
some sneezing but its dusty.
he does seem to be breathing a little heaiver than the others, but no weezing.
the bumps are hard
No symptoms from any other birds in the brooder for a week now.


Is the brooder outside? I have a wee one just like that. I think it is from the buffalo gnats, they carry infection on their little gnat legs. I took an insulin syringe and shot .10 mls of Tylan 50 into the center of the swelling and it went away.
I would suspect a pecking injury if they have not been outdoors.

A mosquito could have gotten indoors, though, and I believe that is what carries fowl pox.

Do some research.
He came from hatching eggs.

dry Fowl pox or injury is what I am suspecting. He's been like this for a week and not much change and no other birds are showing any symptoms.
Research done before I posted this thread points towards that.

No outside birds show any signs either.

Skeeters have been bad due to lots of rain and some have gotten inside. Haven't seen any nats this year.

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