Lessening The Crow Of The Rooster

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    I tied a sock, well i cut one side of the sock with scissors and tied it to the roosters neck so i lessens or his crowbecomes a little quite, i read on here somewhere, where someone put a sock on their roosters neck and his crow was quite, ive heard of the no crow collar but they dont ship to uk.

    when i tied the sock my rooster kept and walking backwards with his hed low i think trying to take the sock off, i thought i was strangeling him so i took it off, what do i do? do i tie it and leave it till it gets use to it or not put it on?

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    Hi, and welcome to BYC!

    We have a thread about it here: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/820771/sound-of-silence-6am-no-more-crowing

    I use wide velcro. He walks backwards and hits the fence, trees, etc. when he first gets it on. It appears that he's trying to back out of the strange thing on his neck. After a few minutes he gets over it, and he's back running around being the boss of the yard. As long as he can breathe and eat, he's fine.

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