Let me tell you about Sprite the Golden Sebright!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by muesky, Jul 2, 2008.

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    So last Thursday I went to a livestock/poultry auction in Maud Oklahoma. This is a pretty good auction, although it can often go on till 1am.

    I got there around 7 (it starts at 5) hoping they would be done selling the junk and goats (they sell a lot of goats!!) and was looking around at the birds they had for auction. My intention for going was to find any unusual birds that I could raise to sell at auction.

    Two birds caught my eye, but neither were birds I could sell. The first was a sad looking newly hatched peachick (still had egg crust on it, probably hatched that morning) and a tiny sebright hen in a hugh cage all alone. Well I got my baby peafowl (still do not know if it is a boy or girl) It cost $15 but I had to make sure it was ok and would probably still be worrying about it if I hadn't. An hour later I won Sprite.

    Both of these little birds have turned out to be treasures but Sprite is the greatest treasure of all. The little hen one of the sweetest creature I have ever owned. She loves to be held and will coo and purr for hours as long as I hold her. Sprite has taken to grooming me, which is kind of different but I have been groomed by a monkey so there is not much that weirds me out. I actually have Sprite in a hugh cage in the house but take her out to the coop during the day (in her cage) so she can be around other chickens without getting the snot beat out of her. She is a bit red neck and I am pretty sure my hens would knock her head off, which she would most definitly deserve.

    She cries when she hears my voice and I do not get her out and hold her. I am planning to get her a little rooster and maybe another hen friend or two. This will probably make her less socialable but I really want her to be happy.

    I do not know if all sebrights are so affectionate or if I have been blessed but I am grateful none the less.
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    Mar 21, 2008
    Aaaawwww.... she grooms you!?! I've been wondering if chickens are social groomers or not.. I hadn;t seen it yet.. or noticed anyways. My parakeet used to always groom my hair [​IMG] I miss that little gal!

    Congrats on your new babies!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. How lovely, she's fortunate you found her! My golden comets do that, it's terribly endearing...[​IMG]
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    That is so sweet. Do you have a picture yet?

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    I got 20 bantams a week before my egg layers about 4 months ago. 1 single golden seabright is by far my favorite hen because she is the most friendly out of all of them! She has come right up to me since day one and every time I go out to the coop she jumps on my shoulder and walks around with me!
    I was wondering the same thing. Are all seabrights as friendly or is she just like that?
    I love her!

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