Lethargic 1 day old chick who can't walk!

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    May 6, 2017
    HELP! A sick chick hatched at day 27! We thought it was a miracle but it's legs look deformed and it is extremely lethargic and can't eat or drink on its own. She was much more active until she spent the night in the incubator with the high heat. It does not have pasty butt and i've been feeding it electrolytes with a straw. It has labored breathing and can barely stand. It was panting in the incubator because the temp was too high 37.5 so I lowered it gradually to 33 which it improved her breathing but its so hard to watch. Im going to the store to buy yogurt this morning. Any suggestions how to help this little Chick? It has trouble standing on its upper legs and her claws on her feet look a bit twisted. so heartbreaking!
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    Jan 21, 2017
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    If the legs/feet are deformed then that chick is going to need a lot of supportive help. I've seen people rig up sandals to uncurl the toes and shackles to correct splayed leg, so maybe a picture of the legs might help identify which, if not both corrective measures need to be taken.

    I had a 3 day old who stopped eating and drinking, it took several days of hourly syringe feedings with a mix of sugar water, electrolytes, egg yolks, and towards the end chick starter gruel before its strength returned.

    Good luck with your miracle chick! I hope it makes it.

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