lethargic 13-wk-old chicken

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    May 14, 2010
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    I posted several months ago about an Ameraucana chick with head tremors. Her symptoms never worsened (though the tremors never went away entirely, either), and none of our other 5 chicks -- now 13 weeks old -- developed any problems. Her only other obvious issue has been a split beak; she's been to the vet twice and her beak is now almost completely grown out / healed. We've been under the assumption that she hatched with some neurological problems, and/or had a very early injury (one chicken expert we consulted suggested she may have received an injection that clipped a nerve in her neck (?). She came from Privett Hatchery in NM via a feed store in PA; we got her as a 1-day-old. This is all background to what is going on now: In the past week or 2 she has grown lethargic and no longer seems to be growing at the same rate as the others. (though she is still eating & drinking). Her tail is typically down, and her head is often down. We've noticed that she does not stretch out her neck like the other chickens do -- and are not sure she ever has. She also holds herself somewhat oddly, and her breast appears to be more developed on one side than the other. We have felt her breast / chest, however, and when we do haven't been able to feel anything different from one side to the other. . . so it may all be related to her neck and how she holds herself. Sometimes she stands against the side of the chicken tractor, as if to rest one side of her body (?). One of the strange things is that she will quickly go from being fairly animated (animated for her, which lately is always less animated than the others) -- e.g., enthusiastically eating -- to just standing with her head down. She is at the bottom of the pecking order, of course, and the other chickens (now down to 4 total after we gave away 2) tend to just run over her if she's in the way. . . Any ideas about what we could / should do to help her? Thanks in advance . . .

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