Lethargic 2wk old chicken


Oct 12, 2018
Before anything thank you all for reading and all your help.its my first chickens and im so freaked out....

1) 2wk old maran chicken,abit lighter than others
2) lethargic, low density feathers,some bald corners
3) 3th day of this condition
4) All other birds are ok and healthy
5) no injuries or traumas
6) birds shipped to me last wk,the symptoms started 4-5 days later
7) eating local brand 2wk old chicken pellets normally,but this one doesnt eat as she is sick
8)poop was mucous like abit(only the sick one,others were ok),used amprolium on all flock and after one dose poop came back to normal.
9) amprolium in drinking water for 2 days,added bacitracin today too
10 ) there is no bird vet in 200km radius,so i can only count on myself
11) picture is attached
12) she is in a box now(before she was in a big cage), straw bedding.
I love her......pls help me
Thank you all


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How much amprollium are you adding to water? Do you have the liquid or powder? Dosage is 2 tsp (10ml) of the liquid or 1.5 tsp of the powder per gallon of water for 5-7 days. Then give another 5 days at 1/3 of the dosage. Probiotics or a small amount of plain greek yogurt added to feed with a bit of water will add probiotics to the gut.

You can give some of the undiluted Amprollium orally 2 drops twice a day. To make a concentrated liquid out of the powder, add 1.5 tsp of powder to 10 ml of water.

Welcome to BYC and sorry that your chick is so weak. It may be coccidiosis or just a wek failure to thrive chick. Hoepfully you can save it.
Thank you for your answer,the dosage is as you mentioned(marked on the pack)
I also add 1 ml electrolyte /L to the water.
The cicken seems worse than before....
Should i cut out the bacitracin?
There shouldn’t be more than one thing mixed into the water. I would use the amprollium (Corid, amprol) in the water. If you have NutriDrench or other electrolytes, give it orally, not in the water. The bacitracin probably should be discontinued or given later after completing the amprollium. Bacitracin can be useful to treat enteritis, which sometimes can be a complication after coccidiosis. Most of us in the US cannot get it over the counter anymore.

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