Lethargic 8 week old barred rock chick (pullet)

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  1. LovinMyPeeps

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    Mar 22, 2009
    Heuvelton, NY
    My poor little barred rock pullet is awefully lethargic. They had been treated for cocci in the past. No signs or symptoms. The other barred rock is much bigger than her now. She stands around, fluffed up and will eat and engage with the others. Should I get some poly-vit and treat her? Maybe some scrambled eggs? Any thoughts anyone? She's feathered out so she's developing, poor thing, she's awefully sweet. Hope I can save her.
  2. cochinbantam-lover

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    May 1, 2009
    Hope someone can help you with your little hen! Hang in there!
  3. Glenda L Heywood

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    Apr 11, 2009
    I always fed the
    wet mash probiotic with vits
    Do this now

    1 in the chickens water put 1 tbsp ACV in pint of water
    Do this till after the chicken is better. Should be able to put the ACV water in a small waterer for the chicken put 1 tbsp to pint of water for the chicken or add to it for all chickens
    2 tbsp ACV per gallon of water

    (2 immediately give the chicken 1000 mg capsule of liquid Vit E by cutting the end of the capsule and taking the vit E capsule and add to the wet mash probiotic listed below.

    (3 also need to crush a vit B complex pill in a tbsp and put it into a tsp of water and put it in the wet mash probiotic

    (3-B Do both Vit's twice today then twice a day for 7 days till you see some improvement in the chicken
    put the vitamins opened and crushed in the wet mash

    then give twice a week for two weeks should see much improvement

    (4 I would do step 2 and 3 by giving her some of the wet mash
    I give here to build up her gut flora with the milk an yogurt

    (4-B you can cut the tip off the vit E and put in wet mash
    also crush the Vit B Complex in tabsp and put it in the wet mash to get her going now

    (5 today I would see if the chicken will eat a
    natural probiotic wet mash
    2 tsp of dry crumbles
    3-1/2 tsp of milk sweet, sour or buttermilk
    1 tbsp of non flavored yogurt
    mix good and put the
    vit E liquid as directed in the wet mash
    and crumble the Vit B complex tablet in a tabsp and add to the wet mash
    add more dry crumbles if too soupy.

    (6 Do this twice a day for 7 days to see if the chicken gets better
    then do this once a day for another week then once a week for a while
    this should give the nervous system some stability

    (6-B this will give the chicken the stability of maybe helping the chicken get more able to walk steadier and maybe she will be able to correct her walking.
    I do hope that it will help your chicken
    the natural probiotic and vitamins will give the nervous system some help.

    (7 you can email by PM for more information and include this inf so I remember what is happening
  4. cochinbantam-lover

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    May 1, 2009
    How's your little hen doing? Hope she'll be ok, keep us posted!
  5. LovinMyPeeps

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    Mar 22, 2009
    Heuvelton, NY
    I added the wet mash to her diet and I added the organic ACV with mother to all of their waters as I figure it's good for all of them. We'll see what happens. She's walking fine, and she does eat and drink well, she just doesn't seem to have the energy the others have so here's hoping! I'm hoping it's a minor vitamin insufficiency.
  6. LovinMyPeeps

    LovinMyPeeps Sees Wine Dots

    Mar 22, 2009
    Heuvelton, NY
    Since I only have 10 chickens I made enough wet mash/yogurt probiotic for all of them and treated all of their water. They seem much more chipper and my little pullet seems to be brighter and more active. Thanks so much for the tip! I plan to keep this up for a few weeks [​IMG] Thanks for helping my chickie [​IMG]

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