Lethargic baby chick

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    Jan 10, 2013
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    I got some mail-order chicks this morning and all 23 that I ordered came happy (well... as happy as anyone could be after going through the postal service) and healthy. All of them started eating and drinking right away. I noticed one of the easter eggers (the fluffiest chick any of us have ever seen; she's going to have an incredible beard if she makes it) was drinking a lot, but I've had chicks plenty of times before and I'm used to there being "that one chick who really likes water," so I wasn't concerned. But now she's just standing around sleeping, leaning against the nearest convenient object or chick with her wings drooping. If I pick her up she doesn't open her eyes unless I hold her for long enough that she complains about being cold and even then she doesn't seem to want to keep them open. Basically all she wants to do is be warm and sleep. Her crop does seem to be very full, and I haven't seen her poop since this started. Her vent is clear and she peeps like a normal chick if she gets colder than she's comfortable with. Overall, she's just like any other slightly cold, sleepy chick (I figure her wings might droop since she's too young to have muscle control like adult birds do), but she isn't getting out of it, while the other 22 are running around like they should be.

    What might be going on? Should I just wait it out? She hasn't really changed since it started a few hours ago.


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