Lethargic chick, need help, son so upset!


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May 27, 2007
We got 6 babies the day after Easter. Not sure how old they were, but they all have little wings now. Well, all except one bard rock. (We got 3 RRR and 3 bard rocks)

I let them out of the box to run and spread their wings. One BR just stood there. I got a closer look and this looks like the littlest one and still just a fuzz ball.

She stood still with her eyes closed. I put her in a different box, fed her some sugar water, and some yogurt, but she is still just sitting there. I just held her and she is breathing heavy and loud.

Do I keep her separate, by herself? I put another BR with her, but that one is active and wants out. Can one stay alone?

We lost a grown RRR (1 of 2) on Easter Sunday and my 7yr old son got very depressed, hence the 6 new babies the next day.
This lethargic one is his, of course. Now he is so bummed and down. He keeps saying his chick is going to DIE.

PLEASE HELP!! This little one cannot die!!

edited to add: The chick has loose, stringy, white diarrhea.
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I am so sorry I cannot help you as I am new to chicken keeping. However, I wanted to suggest that maybe if you post this over in the Emergencies/Diseases forum someone will see it there and respond sooner.

I hope your chick and your son both are okay.
I can't help BUT
If you think they may have an illness germs spreading around clean the brooder
Clean the water and add a teaspoon of Apple cider vinigar to the fresh water this will kill germs and prevent germs from growing in the water.
ALSO do not put the water under the heat lamp.
Hello! I hope I'm not too late--just saw your post! I had a chicke like that a few weeks ago. Keep up with the sugar water--if she isn't drinking it herself, use a little dropper every couple hours. Be careful not to squeeze too many drops as it can asperate. Take out her feed and replace it with crushed oatmeal--just dry oatmeal that you buy at the store. Break it up some so she can eat it. I personally would keep her with the other chicks--they tend to do better when they're together and keep each other warm. Make sure you have a brooder or lamp keeping them warm. Don't worry so much about the poop--I've seen every color of chick poop out there as well as texture!
I would also try to hold her more often. Some chicks lose the will to live--I had two chicks literally on death's door two nights ago--just flopped over on their backs and were very lethargic. Sugar water and love was all they needed and they are 100% better today. Just kept them cradled and warm in my hand, against my chest. Also, one more question--are you feeding them the medicated chick starter food? Regular chicken food can and will kill them. They should be on this for 8 weeks. I think that's it! Keep us posted! I'm praying!!!
God bless,

I am feeding them medicated chick starter.
She has yellow sticky poop today that is stuck on her bottom. I picked her up to wipe it off and water came out of her mouth. She is still lethargic.

Now what?
Are you sure she is drinking? I had a chick like that, and I isolated her and dipped her beak in sugar water, she drank like a maniac! Then I dipped her beak in the waterer again and she drank regular water like crazy!

I think that she didn't get the message when I first put her in the brooder and dipped her beak, and she just didn't know where that water was. Once I gave her a special session to get aquainted with the waterer, and some extra sugar water, she was good to go.
If your chick has sticky yellow poop you need to stop with the sugar water. This makes it worse. Clean her bottom well with warm water. Dry it off. Rub a bit of vaseline around the vent to prevent more sticking. At this rate you may have a couple more days of pasty butt going on due to the sugar water. Keep a check on it and keep it cleaned off. If the chick gets blocked up it can make it very sick and be fatal.

Add 1 tbsp raw organic apple cidar vinegar to the water for a good immune boost. Feed the starter crumbles and try to withhold other treats (yogurt) until the pasty butt problem stops.

Keep it warm and in a quiet place.

Hope the chick improves.

Please note I am not trying to be rude or curt but sometimes baby chicks die. No reason really. They are just that fragile. If this little chick caught a chill at any time this also could be an issue now showing up. I know it can be very upsetting but this one of the fact of raising baby chicks. They die from the most unexplainable causes.
She just died. I was holding her and she died.

I am ok with her dying, but it's harder on kids. They'll deal, but it's still upsetting for them.
I'm sorry for your loss.. for your son's sake especially. We lost one of our chicks 2 days after we got them, and my son is just convinced it was becasue he held him too much. So he is leary of holding our two remaining chicks until they are older. They will be 2 weeks tomorrow.

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