Lethargic chick (will eat) - coccidosis?


May 22, 2015
Greetings all! Our barred rock was looking a little droopy so we did a 5-day Corid treatment, followed by a 21-day preventative last month. She's better now, but last Friday I came out and one of my previously-healthy looking Buffs was dead - she must have died in the early morning, because she was still slightly warm. Now my other Buff is not flying at all - won't/can't go into the coop by herself, and when I picked her up to check her out the other day, she tried to fly out of my arms and landed in a heap at my feet. She tends to just want to lay around. Shows a token interest in foraging, but then will plop down. :-(

She has been staying a little away from the others, I had her inside with us overnight two nights ago, and helped her into the coop last night. Today she's staying with the group better today than in previous days, but will still just lay down and take rests.

She appears to be hungry, and will eat and drink fine as far as I can tell from watching her (rather obsessively - I admit). Her poop looks normal as far as I can tell. I've been trying to get electrolytes and vitamins into her. Any ideas? Should I try another round of corid or a wormer? Help! I love my buffs!
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