Lethargic chicken, swollen abodomen, pooping and eating

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    Dec 28, 2017
    View attachment 1939688 View attachment 1939689 I have a 3 year old wyandott who has been lethargic for about a week. She stands around and is fluffed up. I thought maybe she was egg bound. She has finished moulting at least a couple of weeks ago. I put her in our hospital coop and have been giving her calcium through crushed up tums in chicken food with water and giving her epsom salt baths.

    She is pooping and eating though maybe not as much as normal. I have noticed she is skinny around the breast bone and seems to be getting more swollen around her abdomen which is soft. Today I noticed she lost her balance I think because of her swollen belly. Her comb is nice and red.

    Could it be ascites and if so is there anything that can be done?
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    Pictures are not showing up. If she has not resumed laying since she molted, she might be suffering from a reproductive disorder, such as internal laying, cancer, ascites or others. Do you have any pictures of her? What do her poops look like? Is her lower belly enlarged, spongy, or tight? Is her tail down or up? Can you offer some feed with a little water in it, some scrambled egg or tuna, and start some chicken vitamins? Poultry NutriDrench is good as are others. If she has ascites, some try draining fluid with a large needle after disinfecting skin, but this is just a temporary fix and has some risks.
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    I'm so sorry, but there's no good reason for her to show these symptoms. can you take her to an avian veterinarian?
    This is likely not going to end well for her.
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    Also, I would check her crop first thing in the morning, before she has eaten, to see if it is empty, full, hard, or puffy.
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