Lethargic cockerel with droopy comb

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  1. carmen

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    Aug 22, 2007
    Hope someone can advise on this:
    Ravioli is a 4 year old cockerel. 2 days ago i noticed he was hunched up and his comb slightly bent. Yesterday i seperated him and gave him high potency soluable vitamins as well as tuna cat food with some wormer on (to be on the safe side). He ate all his food but today his comb is bent right over and he is looking a bit sorry for himself. He feels like he has lost a little weight but he is not too thin and today hes not really interested in the cat food.
    Are these signs of a problem anyone recognises?
  2. dlhunicorn

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    Jan 11, 2007
    I would not give him anymore of the catfood (his problem could be one where it is ill advised to give such a concentrated amount of protein such as with a kidney problem...there is also a very high salt content in catfood >for a bird)
    What has his diet been?
    What has the weather been like?
    Feel his "tummy" (downwards toward his vent)>does it seem full with liquid or is it firm to the touch?
    When was the last time you wormed him?
    Is he free range?
    Are there other roos and has there been a recent "change" in the pecking order?
    How are his poos?
    Are you able to say with certainty that he has been drinking sufficiently?
    Is there any discoloration in the comb (paleness>or is it darker or perhaps a bit blue?)
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  3. carmen

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    Aug 22, 2007
    Thanks for the advice about the cat food dlhunicorn.
    I have only given it in the past when a chicken has got thin from worms. I thought this might be what ravioli was suffering from but to be on the safe side i gave him porridge oats with a little water and natrual yoghurt and his usual corn tonight...although he showed no interest.
    He does seem to be drinking ok though.
    To answer your questions : he is free range. I do have 11 other boys but they all get along and there has been no change in the heirachy system. His diet is mainly corn, with vegetables and he free ranges on grass and bugs.
    His tummy feels normal although a little thin. I did notice this evening that his crop is full of water but no food as he has only pecked at a little corn. His poos are not runny but a bit dark green (which is why i suspected worms). He was wormed about 6 months ago so was due to be wormed anyway.
    The only thing that made me wonder if it could be something like coccidosis is that we have had the worst summer known to man here in england. It has been warm and wet/damp for ages and i have read that is perfect conditions for this disease.
    His comb is really droopy today and has a slight dark tinge around the edge. The dark tinge would normally lead me to think breathing problems but his breathing is fine.
    Hope all this information helps with any ideas you may have on how i can help my little friend...thankyou!

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