lethargic, droopy-winged, one-week-old Ameraucana

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    Aug 14, 2009
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    I have 15 new chicks - all one week old as of Wednesday. They have all been doing very well so far - living on pine shavings, eating medicated chick starter, and drinking water with Quick Chik. I've also been feeding them tiny bits of yogurt mixed with chick crumbles every day or two. Yesterday I noticed one of the Ameraucanas was sitting down a lot more than the others, who are all flapping their new wings a lot and running around like little rockets. Today she was even more lethargic and was sitting by herself most of the day, but not actually sleeping - just sitting. She has been getting up to eat some and I saw her drink earlier. But even at the feeder she'll eat a few bites, get a little wobbly, and then sit down, like she just has no energy. When she sits down, her wings sort of droop down. She also looks liek she's breathing very heavily. I can't say her poop looks abnormal. I have read so many threads about lethargic chicks and all the varied answers have left me scratching my head. I thought I'd try posting this specific situation to see if anyone had any advice. And to make things trickier we live in a very rural area where I probably can't get to a vet or access a lot of supplies or meds. But any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. She's my favorite of the bunch so far, so I'm very sad to see her looking down.

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