Lethargic Gold Star


6 Years
Sep 18, 2013
We have 5 chickens, and when I let them out of the run to free range after work, I noticed that one of my Gold Stars wasn't in a hurry to get out like they all normally are.

She is a 1.5 year old Gold Star hen. The other 4 hens are all as energetic as normal.

When she did eventually leave the run, she was walking pretty slowly. She also didn't seem to be pecking at every other blade of grass like the others. This is the first day she's exhibited this behavior.

I watched her for a while, and she basically was just standing around for 30 minutes. I picked her up, and put her on the edge of the woods where they love to rummage around, and she just kinda stood there too.

Her wings are pointed down a bit.

After reading about all the things it might be here, I decided to try giving her a warm 10 minute bath, and massaged her belly to help with a possible stuck egg. I could feel what might be a small egg in there, but it didn't seem like there was a big egg stuck anywhere.

Her butt was clean.

I don't know if she layed today. There were only 3 eggs, but the girls don't always lay every day. I put her in a separate cage for tonight with her own food and water.

She also didn't seem very interested in food, but did take a small chunk of bread from me. I also think I caught her taking a small drink of water at one point.

What other things should I look for to diagnose her issue?
Well, I figured it wouldn't hurt to try a rubber glove and some KY to make sure she wasn't egg bound. This is what I pulled out from about an inch in:

It's like a collapsed soft egg. She already seems a bit more alert after a few minutes. Since she's still damp from her bath, we're going to give her a blow dry.

Is there anything else I should do? Just wait to see how she is tomorrow?
Another update:

I just checked on her before bed, and there was a shell-less egg sitting under her perch. She seemed normal when I shined the flashlight in there. Hopefully this was just some backed up stuff passing.

We'll see what happens tomorrow.
Well, this morning, she was running around her cage with all of her old energy!

I'm going to keep her in the isolation cage until she lays a normal egg... but things are looking good!

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