Lethargic, heavy breathing, and odd eggs

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    Sep 20, 2015
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    Help. 1 of our 2 chickens is sick. Eggs over the past week are odd colour and shape. Last egg was 3 days ago. The Last 48hrs she's been lethargic, just sitting down all day in 1 place and breathing heavily with eyes half closed. Comb looks nice and red, feathers look glossy and she's been preening and puffing them out. It's spring here and we've had 2 sunny days. What might be wrong and what should I do?
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    Welcome to BYC.

    How is your hen?
    How old is she?
    What type of food/treats do you feed?
    Can you post a picture of the odd eggs?
    How does her abdomen feel - soft, hard, normal, bloated, fluid filled, etc.?

    If she is lethargic, then she could be egg bound or have some type of internal laying/reproductive disorder like Egg Yolk Peritonitis, Ascites, tumors or cancer.

    Vet care would be best.

    Soak her in a warm bath with epsom salts. Gently feel inside her vent about 1" with a lubricated finger, feel if there is an egg inside.
    Offer her some extra calcium like TUMS or liquid calcium if you have it. Keep her warm in a quiet darkened area and make sure she is staying hydrated. If you have some poultry vitamins add those to her water.

    Let us know how she is doing.

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