Lethargic Hen

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  1. Riverside Hens

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    Aug 15, 2018
    My hen seems to be unwell. yesterday she wouldn't walk into her hen house, i had to put her in. she has been repeatedly going back to her laying spot so i thought she might be egg bound. she has been eating drinking and passing waste well so i've ruled that out. since then i've separated her from the flock and kept her warm, hydrated, and fed. she doesn't seem to be improving. however, she hasn't become worse. if there are any suggestions about what this could be and how i could treat her, i would appreciate it.
  2. coach723

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    Feb 12, 2015
    North Florida
    How old is your hen? Do you think she could be broody, rather than sick?
    If she's eating, drinking normally, and droppings are normal that is what makes me suspect she's broody.
    Here is a good article on broodies, should help you determine if that's what's going on.
    If not, or there are other symptoms, please post those so hopefully we can get you some more suggestions.

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