Lethargic hen


8 Years
Mar 1, 2011
Just a few nights ago i lost a silkie hen 2 chicks and ende up with a pretty badly beat up silkie roo who doesnt know if he wants to die or just peck the daylights out of me when I get near him. Oddly enough, today, i swapped out my birds. I have a smaller pen inside the larger pen i was keeping 10 young birds, mixed flock so that the silkie could do her egg sitting. Since my silkie roo needed some R&R and he will no longer go back into the coop, i put him in the smaller pen which has it's own shelter. The younger birds have been super happy all day long after the change. I went in and one of my hens sat on my knee and i scratched her chest and she dozed off, i thought it was sweet but she has been doing it everywhere the rest of the afternoon. I put her in the coop and there she has stayed. She moved in a bit further from where I put her..but not far. My other chickens were gotten by dogs, so i have no idea about ill chickens. I may very well say after these ones are all gone, no more chickens. I think what got the silkies and the chicks was an oppsum but i have nothing of clear indication thats what it was. And whatever it was didnt get in with the younger birds in the smaller pen as it is completely enclosed. I did notice it smelling foul in there today but i assumed it's because of the rain we just got. I'm pretty OCD about raking and removing debris every other day in there. I just don't know...never thought i'd get attatched to chickens, and it seems to be heartbreaking. I take precautions to prevent the preventable...then, another variable pops up and i'm completely ill-prepared for it. So...me being a pesamist, if she's alive in the morning, are there any suggestions I should try?
I am so sorry you are having this experience. I have nothing to offer you really as I am relatively new. All I know is that I am very attached to my chickens and would be most distressed if I were going through what you are. I hope it turns out alright.
They are only about 6 weeks old, when should i begin to worm them? I'd look for mites and lice if i knew what to look for. Are the lice like head lice people get? If so how do i treat for these things?
i'm a little confused. Is it a hen that is lethargic or a chick or chicks?

To check for mites or lice, tip them over and inspect their vent area carefully. Lice look like small light beige grains of rice, mites are teeny little dots that move around. Mites can be light beige, brown, or red.

i wouldn't normally worm babies, but adults who have been on dirt can have worms. You can either take a poo sample into a vet for a fecal exam, or just go ahead and worm them.
If you have sick/lethargic 6 weeks olds, the problem could well be coccidiosis. Not sure what is going on though - whether it's a hen or chicks or both that are sick.

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