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    I have a hen that has been my favorite one, she's just so friendly. I'm having a problem with her I don't know what's wrong. About 3 days ago she started staying away from the others, but when they move she would move with them but very slowly and way behind. When she stops she kinda balls up and just stands in one spot. I've thought about her being egg bound or her craw was packed. But I have 10 hens and 2 days ago I got 10 eggs. Any ideas anyone?
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    Check her crop and see if it's enlarged first thing in the morning before she eats. Open the hens mouth by gently pinching the beak open as you cradle her with one arm and see if it smells foul. Holding a finger in between the upper and lower beak will keep the mouth open. Place the bird in a separate,comfortable area with food and water and see if she drinks and eats. Observe the hen's dropping and describe them the best you can. Here's a range of normal to abnormal: http://chat.allotment.org.uk/index.php?topic=17568.0

    If there are no crop problems or foul smell coming from the mouth, I have some med recommendations. Much depends on more information from you.
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