Lethargic, molting hen with runny yellow poop


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Jun 22, 2020
I have a jubilee Orpington who started molting on her neck several months ago. Very slowly her feathers started coming back.(I don't know it this is relevant, I mention it because she has just been bald for a long time and I'm not sure if that's a symptom I missed.)

Last night she didn't get up on the roosting bar but was on a short step stool. I put her up on the bar. This morning, she was lying on the floor of the coop as though she was sunbathing. I thought she was going to lay an egg on the floor (occasionally happens with my flock of 11) so I put her in the nesting box. She didn't fight me at all and I started to think maybe she was going broody. Hours later she was still there. Picked her up and sure enough, she had no feathers on her belly. I took her out of the nesting box but when I put her on the floor, she didn't walk or move, she just flopped down with wings spread. I tried to get her to walk but she didn't seem like she could use one of her legs. We removed her from the coop and checked her over. She was so lethargic and didn't make a sound. While we examined her, she pooped and it was light yellow and white and runny. She did it again shortly thereafter and I thought it smelled like egg yolk.

We have put her in a dog crate in the coop with water and feed. She has only moved a few inches to turn herself around in the past few hours. She doesn't move at all when I touch her. I don't think she has had anything to drink and she wasn't interested in the feed I tried to give her.

Ideas? Help? This is my first sick bird, so I am learning as I go. Thanks is advance for taking the time to respond and help me!

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