Lethargic RIR Hen laid soft shelled egg

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    Jul 22, 2010
    I have an RIR hen, of unknown age (I rescued her after finding her abandoned in a box in the country) that has been healthy and producing an egg a day since I rescued her 4 months ago. She is a 'free range' chicken in our backyard, fed layer pellets, scratch, oyster shells and grit freely. She also has free roam to our vegi garden. She is notorious though, for finding the cat's dry food and going to town.

    About two months ago she was egg bound, and laid two soft shelled eggs within an hour one evening. She recovered the next day and has been healthy ever since.

    Starting on Monday I noticed she was a little slower, didn't run up to me in the morning and beg for treats... I checked her out and saw a lot of poop formed on her vent area, so I washed off and cleaned her up. She wasn't happy. Tuesday she i went out to check on her and I saw there were pieces of soft shell stuck to her fluff on her bottom, and a long piece of soft shell still partially stuck inside. I pulled out the shell and cleaned her up. She was more lethargic than Monday, but still had some pep and wanted treats. She laid a fairly normal egg on Wednesday (but not as big, dark are thick shelled as normal). Since Tuesday she won't go in at night, doesn't really want food or treats (which is VERY unlike her), drinks a lot of water, lays down and sleeps almost all day. Her poop is clear and has the consistancy of egg yolk, with white pieces in it (like when egg yolk just starts to warm up in the frying pan) with a really dark green slimy part too. He vent area doesn't look swollen, and is not red, but she walks all scrunched up and her rear end appears to be swollen from a distance (but it may be because her feather are ruffled up down there.

    Also, her comb is kinda purple on the tips and is drooping to one side.

    On Monday, I came back from the feed store with oyster shells, we had been out for a week or so, and she went to town on them. Don't know if she over did it on them and is stuffed up. It feels very full. I don't know if that might have something to do with why she feels bad, or not.

    I am afraid it might be EYP...as i found that partial broken egg shell stuck to and in her bottom. I have read through most of the posts over the years on this site, but am not sure still what is going on with her.

    Please, if anyone knows what this is, and has any ideas on how to help, it would be much appreciated. I love this chicken...she is the coolest ever, and I don't want to lose her.

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    Jul 20, 2010
    Wow. [​IMG] I'm not entirely sure what is going on with your poor hen, but have you tried upping her daily serving of calcium to harden her eggshells? I could be that she doesn't have enough calcium in her system so she can't produce enough eggshell, hence, the really soft egg. The shell you sound inside might have just been there because the egg was so weak that it broke. One way to give her more calcium is to feed her eggshells that have been all broken up- we always leave the shells for our chickens after cooking with eggs. It sound like she could have something more serious, but more calcium might help:).
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