Lethargy, dirty butt, wheezegurgle

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    Apr 3, 2010
    So the last couple days, our Lucy (RIR, supposedly about 3 years old) has been staying in the henhouse most of the time (we thought that she was just getting up late, after we'd gone off to work) and I noticed that she has a bit of a dirty butt (feces encrusted in the feathers under her vent), so I brought her in the house this morning and put her in a warm bath to clean her feet (her legs also look a little pinker than I remember them) and butt. Her comb also looks a little darker than usual... almost purplish.

    After the bath, I picked her up in a warm towel to dry her and noticed that she's got a little gurgling sound when she breathes, and I put her in the kennel in the house, still wrapped in a towel, to rest and recover (hopefully).

    I tried to get her to take water with malt syrup, but she's was pretty out of it and didn't drink. I've also provided her with warm oatmeal with egg in it, but again... out of it.

    None of the other girls have been acting this way and there is no sign of injury. To my knowledge there has been no incident.

    I don't know if she's been eating or drinking while she was still in the coop... we haven't really seen her out and about much, though, so I doubt it.

    I don't know what her stools have been looking like as I haven't seen her defecate yet.

    I'm hoping to treat myself, but if she has to go to the vet, I'll find one that deals with chooks... Right now I have her in the house, in a dog kennel and still wrapped in a towel for warmth and to help dry her. she has a bed of pine shavings in there as well and a substrate of newspaper.

    Any advice that you can offer... I know that there's not a lot to do about diagnosing her... not much in the way of symptoms except the lethargy and gurgly breathing (it's just a little gurgle... not a deep one), and possibly the dirty butt and possibly pinker-than-usual legs and dark comb... but any help that you can offer... should I possibly try to get some antibiotics down her gullet?

    EDIT: On closer examination, her lower abdomen is distended a bit and red. She doesn't feel like she has an egg bound in her, and the water baths didn't seem to have much effect. She's pretty weak, and we've been able to get a few droppers fully of water/malt syrup down her... we'll see if she makes it through the night.

    UPDATE: After another day of force-feeding/watering and resting in the box, Lucy passed on.
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    Oh my gosh, Im so sorry your girl is feeling sick, I had this problem a year or so and finially treated them all with Corid V, sounds to me like a respitory problem with a lack of oyxgen however I would not even begin to give advice as I don't feel comfortable with doing that but hopefully some of the others which have a greater knowledge then me ome in and give more advice. If it is Coci, or something like that it can be bad and spread fast, I know that it does have in incubation period so watch the others too just in case because she may just be the first. Hope she feels better fast. Sandy

    Just for some info
    mine had bloody , runny stools
    very leathargic
    Dark purple combs, due to lack of oxygen
    and acted like the breathing was hard for them
    and gurgling

    I had no Idea what was going on and lost 13 hens in less than a week.
    the leathargy, bloody stools were the very last signs before they started passing.
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    Apr 1, 2011
    I have a BLRW she is several years old. I noticed the past couple of day's she hasn't been very active. Today I noticed a gurgling sound coming from her. She alos has loose poop. Not sure what it looks like, because she to is with others. She is drinking but not eating very much. I gave them a sunfower seeds this morning, she was not intrested. I was wondering if maybe she was dying? All the other girls and roo seems to be fine. ????

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