Letharic/seizure/nasal discharge?


In the Brooder
7 Years
Jan 26, 2012
So I went out to water my birds today and I saw one that I thought was dead laying on the ground. I picked up her and she looked at me - she was still breathing but very limp. Wouldn't stand up, wouldn't perch on my arm, anything. I brought her inside to post on here and find out what was going on and she had a giant seizure - at first I thought she was scratch at something but then her whole body started to do it - wings flapping, legs kicking, she actually managed to hop out of my arms and onto the floor. She also had some nasty liquid discharge from her nasal passages. Afterward she was totally limp, eyes closed, but I could still feel her pulse and watch her breathe if I paid close attention. After a few minutes she passed away in my arms. :( She was about 2 months old, a speckled sussex. I have about 10 other chickens in the coop she was in and now I'm worried it may have been something contagious. Any ideas?

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