Let's keep with the spirit (UPDATE post 11)

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  1. addicted2chicks

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    Mar 19, 2009
    I had an idea after hinkjc posted her thread. I would like to donate towards shipping of some eggs to a deserving someone/family if someone wants to donate the eggs. I don't have eggs to ship as my chicks are too small yet. I am always one for giving to others especially now with the economy. If there is someone that would like to donate the eggs, probably a min of 6 let me know. Then we just have to find a deserving family that could use the eggs and meat.
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  2. warmfuzzies

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    Feb 15, 2009
    Boondocks, Colorado
    You are AWESOME!!! I was just thinking how I would love to donate some of my extra eggs, but I diddnt really think we could pay to ship to many of them.

    I have Cochin eggs and cochin x partridge rock eggs.

    I can seperate them to get pure cochin eggs for anyone that wants some!

    Now, start NOMINATING a family in need! Wow, this is fun! [​IMG]
  3. Mom2Munchkins

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    Mar 2, 2009
    Upstate NY
    You all are so wonderful!!! I wish I could afford to donate. [​IMG] Eggs were recently donated to me, and I am so grateful! I can't wait til my chicks start producing eggs, because I plan on just keeping enough for us and asking $1 a dozen for the rest, hope to make just enough to buy the feed.

    Anyway, to all of you that are helping others out, you are truly great people!! [​IMG]
  4. sonew123

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    Mar 16, 2009
    onchiota NY
    I can donate 6 BO x RIR eggs [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]--yeah
  5. nhnanna

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    Jul 18, 2008
    The chicken coop
    I would love to nominate my grandaughter Emmy. She just turned 5 and loves to help out with the chickens. I know she would love to have some of her own. [​IMG]
  6. lostsoulhelpmejebus

    lostsoulhelpmejebus Incubating Fool

    Sep 23, 2008
    Roanoke, Illinois
    Great...love seeing people sharing with others. Hope this becomes a pandemic!

    I have no eggs to offer that anyone would want...just hatchery Rhode Island Reds. I can offer to donate up to 1-2 dozen if that helps.
  7. GracefulBantams

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    Oct 10, 2007
    I nominate myself [​IMG]
    See, I have been so blessed that I now have a used-but-working cabinet incubator, and it is just begging for eggs [​IMG]
    Any breed/species/variety is welcomed at this farm!
    Two years ago, from scratch, I started a 4-H Poultry Club for my county, now there are many families involved!
    Whatever birds I do not keep will go to help these kids in their own projects [​IMG]
    And that is why I think I deserve some eggs [​IMG]

    ---------I have had a very generous donation, so no need to consider me anymore [​IMG] Thank you so much lostsoulhelpmejebus for the RIR eggs, and Addictedtochicks for helping to cover shipping!--------
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  8. Mom2Munchkins

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    Mar 2, 2009
    Upstate NY
    Quote:I'm sure there is someone!!! I know someone like me isn't very picky, and RIR are wonderful I think!!! They're the first chicken we ever owned! [​IMG] I can't wait until the day I have a nice laying flock started!!! [​IMG] Giving back would be great! Right now we are on a tight tight budget til my husband goes back to work, and I can't even afford shipping on eggs [​IMG] because I'm saving what little I can to build a nice big coop! Hoping to start it in a few weeks!! [​IMG]
  9. melissastraka

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    Feb 26, 2009
    Hoquiam, WA
    Always remember to "pay it forward". That is what I was always told. Mom2Munchkins....let us know how your daughter likes her new feather footed babies.... [​IMG]
  10. Mom2Munchkins

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    Mar 2, 2009
    Upstate NY
    Quote:She is SO excited!!! She thinks they look like they have flares on!! [​IMG]

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