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Ok I would like to have a post with various illnesses, and injuries on video to help others with diagnosing. So often there are many varying symptoms that I thought this would be helpful. And it would be nice to have it all in one place.

Here's what we can do:

All those that have video or pics of the bird doing whatever is wrong

Age of bird, sex etc...

diagnosis (this would be most useful IF a VET or necropsy was done so that it could be considered completely accurate) All with the proper documentation to prove diagnosis will be specially marked so that those looking will know that all has been confirmed by professionals.



If necropsy was done then the report findings would be great.

If bird has recovered a post illness video would be great as well.

please feel free to add any suggestions as this is just an idea not very well planned out. After there are enough posts I will group them all together with an index of some sort.

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ok so no takers well I can finally start since I just got the results to my necropsy.


3 month olds Australorp hen

presented one Friday morning unable to walk well while trying to eat.

at first thought it was a leg injury, I separated her so that she could eat in piece and examined legs. no trauma could be found.
an hour later she started this gasping thing, or maybe I did not notice it earlier but either way at that point I thought it was mareks but could not find a cause or what the gasping thing was. After speaking with a few people it was determined that maybe she had choked and loss the use of her limbs through lack of oxygen.

I treated with for Mareks anyway with 2 doses a day of 5 drops of hypericum https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=135247 and a food blend of yogurt,greens,flavorless pedialite, and starter food all blended together as well as vitamins and ACV in her water. She was very week by sat I had resorted to hand feeding her. On Monday she was taken to the vet (all other chickens she was with remain fine) and it was determined that the best course of action was to cull and test her since the throat thing made it nearly impossible to feed her and a feeding tube would likely kill her anyway.

Necropsy tests confirm that is was indeed Mareks with the strange silent neck stretching being a respiratory sign not a choking one. Here is the video. Notice the one foot in front and gasping. anyway she had no lesions yet on her organs and was said to be in the early stages of Mareks. I can say that I do believe the treatment I was giving her was keeping her alive and maybe if I had continued my efforts there was a slight chance she could have pulled through. The vet seemed to agree with my treatment fyi

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Presently I am dealing with Cocci. I started treatment yesterday when seemingly overnight there was bloody poop everywhere. Being that it is effecting over 30 chicks that I am raising for others I have decided to incorporate medicated starter feed and have just aquired and started them on Albon. I have been treating with a blended mixture of butter milk, DE, spinach, starter feed (today switched to medicated starter), oatmeal, pedalite, hot powdered pepper and garlic. This seems to be working it has in the past.

I have taken some pics of the bloody poop, I cleaned the brooder last night so there is less of it than before and many of the chicks are pooping regularly row. In the video you will se the ones that are doing much better there are 3 groups one off EE's to the far right which are doing good, but aren't visible in the video, and in the middle are the Bared rock that are doing better you can see they are eating and behaving normally. In the left side are a mix of EE and BR that I think are really struggling, it is from their brooder that the bloody poop pics are from. I have hand feed all of them and as you can see they have plenty of food which they are not very interested in.

A stool sample brought to the vet today confirms it is cocci.



Here are pics from my first cocci outbreak which I was able to overcome with no losses with a 3 day treatment of the food mix I mentioned above. The chicks from this pic are all fine and healthy and a few months older.

I have actually gotten chicks over cocci twice with that method alone and all are fine, but this time with so many chicks I am going to try meds as well.

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One of my hens is displaying classic symptoms of Neural Mareck's disease. She is a 5 month old Gold Sex Link. When I found her this morning, she acted like her leg was broken at the knee. Couldn't stand on the fully extended leg. As the day has gone by and I've been looking her over/watching her, one leg seems to be partially paralyzed from the knee down. When she tries to stand, she pushes her good leg backward while her bad leg sticks out forwards. I'm sitting with her while I wait for a family member to pickup some hypercium (homeopathic remedy). I will try to get a video. Meanwhile, here are two photos.
When she tries to stand up. One leg forward, one backward:

When she gets tried of trying to stand:

I know these aren't proven by a vet/necropsy. But, I hope they will help. I've been relying on the wisdom of the BackYard Chickens community/discussions to diagnose.
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