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    Jun 19, 2016

    You know it's almost SPRING when it's time for our favorite game...sex these chicks lol.
    1. 4 week Salmon Favorelle #1
    2. 4 week old Salmon Favorelle #2
    3. 4 week old Salmon Favorelle #3
    4. 4 week old Silkie #1
    5. 4 week old silkie #2
    6. 4 week old silkie #3
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    I've had Silkies before and they are very hard to sex. One of mine I wasn't even sure until she laid her first egg! It may be awhile for the Silkies before you know for sure.
    I also have two Salmon Faverolles (and I LOVE them!), but I already know that they are pullets (got them from Hoover hatchery). [​IMG] I think it may still be too early to sex your SF's as well. I think you can only tell what gender they are by the wing feathers if they are a certain breed, but I'm not sure. Could you get pictures of their (the SFs) combs?
    Also, my Salmon Faverolles' feathers are a whole lot lighter in color (they are about 3 weeks old). In all the pictures I have seen of Salmon Faverolles, the rooster's feathers were a LOT darker then the hens' but I know that chicks' feathers can change a lot from when they are little to when they are full-grown.
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