Let's talk about White Faced Black Spanish


Oct 30, 2018
I recently acquired a hen and a rooster White Faced Black Spanish. They are not super friendly birds but they are also not aggressive. I am in the process of building them a new chicken coop because I fear the other with be too drafty for them and I am running out of room for them (chicken math). I have tried to do my research but I only seem to find book descriptions of them and not personal accounts. Have you raised any of these birds in a colder climate? What have you done to help with the elements? What has it been like to own this breed?
I can't answer your questions as I have no experience of them, but I'll be interested to hear what people say, and how you find them, as this is a critically endangered breed and I may be able to acquire some in due course :pop
I have a 5 week old WFBS, and he is the sweetest bird ever. I got him as the mystery roo with a McMurry order. He has a much different personality then my Bielefelders. But not in a bad way. He is super attached to me. When the brooder cage was in the house he would be the first at the side when he heard my voice. He loves to be held and snuggle and would try to jump out into my arms whenever the door was open. He has done that since day one. Now that he is out with the girls in a grow out pen next to the big kids, he is still the first out of the little coop when I check on them. You would think they would start out black, but they are more dark grey and white and turn black over time. Fernando looks like a vulture right now. His head is still mostly white and his body is mostly black. But I still love him. I plan to get him some girls this fall or next spring. Going to need to build another run most likely. Not sure a Biele/WFBS would be a good combo. But it is hot and dry where I live so they might do well here in the desert.

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